100K+ TRX Staked
30K+ Tokens Minted
10K+ Total Users

What is THERO?

THERO is a deflationary token which hedges against inflation with its burn factor. This means that the burning of THERO on each transaction and the buy back (and burn) transactions will have the effect of reducing the token supply.This will inevitably increase the price of the token due to its gradual scarcity.

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TronHero is an ambitious project dedicated to the upliftment of the Tron community as a whole through its various platforms. TronHero offers support to this community through Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Crowdfunding and through Gaming.

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TronHero's Skymap

A community of Heroes on an EPIC journey together.

  1. Q1 2021
    Academy, DeFi, Swap Platform & Superfund
  2. Q2 2021
    Casino, Wallet & DApps
  3. Q3 2021
    DeFi 2.0, NFT & HERO Gaming
  4. Q4 2021
    0% Fees Trading Platform
  5. Q1 2022
    Hero Lending Platform & More

Frequently Asked Questions

TronHero.io is a Decentralized Finance (Defi) platform where investors, stake their TRXes to earn THERO token which will then be used in TronHero's ecosystem.

The definition of safe is subjective to the investor but what we can assure you of, is that your TRX will always be safe because you are able to unstake it at any point of time (except during the initial 10 days of Genesis mining)

This project underwent a vigorous 2 month development stage. The project safeguards against empty promises of ROI and matrix Dapps which do not have a usecase. When their contract balances empty, many users that join at a later stage will not be able to gain not even their capital back.
This project, on the other hand, accepts your TRX as a collectoral for mining / earning THERO tokens. The TRX can be reclaimed at any point of time without hesitation.

Currently we only support mining/ earning THERO tokens through staking TRX.

THERO price is decided by our community. HODLING increases value and as do our identifiable use cases.

Step 1 : Open your DApp wallet and Go to https://stake.tronhero.io
Step 2 : Enter the amount you want to stake (minimum 200 trx)
Step 3 : Click Stake Now button and confirm the transaction
Congratulations. You have staked your TRX and started mining THERO tokens.

Step 1 : Open your DApp wallet and Go to https://stake.tronhero.io
Step 2 : Scroll until you see the Claim Rewards section
Step 3 : Click on Claim Rewards button and confirm the transaction
Congratulations. You have successfully claimed your THERO token.

Step 1 : Open your DApp wallet and Go to https://stake.tronhero.io
Step 2 : Scroll until you see the Unstake TRX section
Step 3 : Click on Unstake and Claim Rewards button
Step 4 : A popup will open, click on Unstake TRX button and confirm the transaction
Congratulations. You have successfully unstaked your TRX and claimed THERO token.

Yes we do have an interesting compensation plan for referral rewards which accrue to you in THERO as your downlines stake/mine.
Level 1 - 7% Referral Bonus
Level 2 - 3% Referral Bonus
Level 3 - 2% Referral Bonus

THERO will initially be listed on JUSTSWAP which is a familiar platform for our community. Look forward to our very own SWAP portal which will be the platform of choice for our community where they will enjoy reduced fees and seamless swapping to TRX and other Crypto.

THERO token can and must be used in TRONHERO'S ecosystem. Our Skymap proves multiple use cases and Dapps which will overall be beneficial to the entire community.

Firstly, we have provided investors with audit reports of the project by top auditor companies. We believe this is sufficient enough to know the authenticity and the credibility of this project.
Secondly, since there is no law or governance body to eliminate copying or one that will allow us to sue people for copying our smart contract codes. We believe that our hard work, effort and time spent to build this project from ground up for our community should remain with us and should not be available for the general public to make clones of TronHero and use it to scam the crypto community. It is well known that our previous projects were cloned more then 10 times by different project owners and many of them were scam with backdoors.
Thirdly, (and most important) this decision was made not by us alone, but our community members themselves. They understood the importance of having a closed source code and most of our Community members voted that there should not be a clone of TRONHERO ever again.

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Heroic Features

Risk FREE Earnings
Our community will earn THERO for free, without any risk of losing their capital investment.
Built for Sustainability
The entire Ecosystem is built to ensure safe, Long-term earnings.
A project for whales & anchovies
No one is too big or too small to benefit from our DeFi offerings.
Audited Contracts
Hack proof and with NO back doors or rug pulls. This is all evident in our multiple Audits
Identifiable Use Cases
THERO Token use cases are vast and profitable within the Ecosystem. External use cases will be prevalent as the confidence in the Token grows throughout our Community.
Community Price-Setting
The value of THERO is in the hands of the Community, supported by many TronHero projects.
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